How do I view my website without using the temporary URL?

Some websites such as Wordpress will not work correctly when being viewed on the temporary URL provided in your welcome email. If you still wish to view your website before updating your nameservers, please do the following.


Browse the following directory in your C Drive >> Windows >> System32 >> Drivers >> Etc >> Edit the file named "hosts" with a wordpad.


By default, there should be a line like this:


"       localhost"


Go to the next line and add this:


Now note, replace with your own domain and change with the IP allocated for your account. To find which IP is allocated for your account, login to your cpanel, and from the left menu, find "Shared IP address" or "Dedicated IP address". Another way, you can find this out by going to WHM >> List Accounts >> Search and the IP listed.


Save the file and restart your browser. Upon visiting your website on the regular domain you will see the version on our servers.

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