How do I get my free SSL?

EZPZ Hosting provides you with unlimited free dedicated SSL certificates on all reseller plans. This is free for the life of your account.

To Do...

  • Generate a CSR
  • Create the email address
  • Generate the SSL from the client area
  • Await email from SSL provider
  • Await delivery of the SSL certificate
  • Contact EZPZ Hosting providing your certificate and RSA key

If you want the SSL to be installed on a subdomain you would need to enter the full subdomain in the ‘Host’ section, i.e “” would protect

Generating your CSR (Certificate Signing Request)

This is done in your WebHostManager (
Click on ‘Generate a SSL Certificate and Signing Request’. You will then be presented with a form to fill in.
Please do not use any illegal characters or symbols in the form as this will delay the process.

Here's an example of the form:

Generate a CSR

Once complete click the "Create" button. The next screen looks like this:


Copy and paste the CSR into the "Generate SSL" page by visiting then going to Services > Reseller Tools.

Once the SSL has been ordered Comodo will contact you with instructions on receiving the certificate. Once you receive this information, copy and paste it into a ticket and we will install it for you.

We recommend that you allow us to install the certificate for you rather than doing it yourself. It is much faster for us to install it correctly than to troubleshoot and installation problem for you.


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