Issue with Rack D3 Switch Investigating
Priority - Critical Affecting System - Rack D3 Switch

Last Updated:

21st December 2020 1:55pm


In one of our shared hosting racks (known as D3) has a new 2020 Cisco Switch that has started rebooting/crashing this happened:


Friday 18th December 9:01pm

Saturday 19th December 01:01am

Sunday 20th December 6:48pm

Monday 21st December : 05:28am

Monday 21st December : 09:24am


Friday night we contacted our cisco support provider who are investigating the cause and have not yet found the route issue of the problem.

Each time this switch crashes we will update this thread as it causes a 8- 9 minute outage and effects servers:


cPanel - CP5

cPanel - CP6

cPanel - CP7

cPanel - CP8

cPanel - CP9

cPanel - CP10


We're replacing the switch with another one as Cisco have requested we send the switch back to them to replace the onboard components. 

We will do this early evening around 5pm today and should cause no outages lasting more than 30 seconds.